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All this kneeling…..,

I’ll tell you what, y’all are wearing me out with all this kneeling. I mean why now? Why not eight or sixteen years ago? Why now? I mean down here in the south we well most of us grew up poor and I can honestly say didn’t grow up in a racist home. Did some of the people I knew? Sure. But it wasn’t restricted only to whites. I’ve know plenty of racist blacks also. But this isn’t all what this about it’s about the kneeling. I mean if you want to protest then protest. I don’t care but do it for all of what’s happening now. Cops aren’t out there literally targeting black men and killing them now on the other hand young black men are seeking out and killing one another in cities like Chicago every weekend by the dozens but I don’t see any kneeling for them. I don’t see protest for them. It’s tough but it’s all political. Sorry to say.

Painting the Porch…….

Painting the porch in the South is special. It’s not about the painting and all of the hard work and elbow grease that goes into it its the time spent out there. It’s the kids paying when they were young, the smells of the freshly cut grass on a summer’s evening or battlingĀ  a wasp nest that you know will not end well.

Painting the porch is about so much more than you realize, so the next time you paint remember the little memories you made on it. Rather it be in the deep south hearing the wind blow beyond the tall pines or in the North West where the deep forest has green things that go on forever. The memories are there forever.

A little slice of heaven

As I look back upon my life of 49 years I wonder and ponder on how things have turned out. You see I’m a Southerner and as a southern man I get stereotyped into a class all my own. Backwards and barefoot, I hear that a lot but I really don’t let that get me down.

I’ve got a wonderful wife and four kids that have gone on to do great things. I own a beautiful home on some land and I have a condo in Alabama. See being from the south isn’t all that bad, we pay a heck of a lot less for just about everything from homes to groceries. I look back and see I’ve got a great life with everything going on in the world today. All this and that, people protesting this and that…. man y’all are wearing me out. But here in the south things are a little slower, a little peaceful and a lot cheaper. Just throw some sweet tea in the mix and you have a little slice of heaven. We always have said that the south is the worlds best kept secret.